Adam Pratt

Little Boss Man

Adam Pratt, the youngest brother of Pratt Guys, is the company’s “Little Boss Man” and manages client consultations and relations as well as job site logistics for the family business. A gifted craftsman with 11 years of hands-on experience and an enthusiastic people person with an unmatched eye for detail and extremely high standards, Adam holds the bar exceptionally high for quality craftsmanship on every project.

 Adam’s older brother Derek caught the woodworking bug from his grandfather, and Adam followed in his brother’s footsteps from a young age. They would build skateboard ramps together and other miscellaneous creative construction projects. Adam has a natural skill for woodworking, and that talent really emerged in his first wood shop class under the guidance of his teacher, Wayne Perpall, at Mandarin High School. His first major project in wood shop class, an intricate tea table that required use of every single tool in the workshop, won first place in the Technology Education Student Expo Furniture show that year and still sits in his parents’ home today. 

Adam and Derek, with the encouragement of their father and Derek’s mentor Matt Thomas, started Pratt Home Maintenance, the precursor to Pratt Guys, in 2004 when Adam was only 14. According to his brothers, Derek and Jason, Adam’s passion for his work and “insane attention to detail” have been a key components in the success of Pratt Guys. 

One of the first and largest outdoor living projects completed by the Pratt Guys, the Camacho project, ignited Adam’s love for building one-of-a-kind outdoor living areas and helping others #EnjoyEarth. With his many years of hands-on experience, Adam gives the final stamp of approval on completed projects, and will make improvements until it lives up to his near-perfect standards of quality craftsmanship. 

Fun-loving and outgoing, Adam’s free time is spent with his wife Jessica and their son, Channing, his family and numerous friends, and he can usually be found boating, camping, or hiking. He’s also a bit of a daredevil and loves taking his Ducati motorcycle out on the open road.