LamsonSharp Pizza Rocker Knife - Walnut


LamsonSharp Pizza Rocker Knife - Walnut


Are you not grilling all of your pizzas? You do realize that a ripping hot grill is a far superior pizza oven than the one in your kitchen, right? Of course you are and of course you do and that’s exactly how you can tell that slamming this beast down on a hot and crispy crust is going to slice right through those toppings, giving you the straightest, meanest cuts and earning you the title of not only Grill Master but Pizza Chef.


  • Hardened and tempered high­-carbon stainless steel
  • Walnut handles that are unusually hard and durable (natural color may vary)
  • Tapered blade or fine beveled edge
  • Half-­tang construction secured with brass rivets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Massachusetts since 1837
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