Keep your Pratt Guys backyard Completion clean


We know our homeowners have busy weeks and one of the top reasons for getting a Pratt Guys backyard is to relax, getaway and enjoy moments with family and friends. We approach every project the same way: “How can we make this process simple and fun for our clients, taking a minimal amount of their time away from their normal days?” Keeping that thought going beyond the project completion has led us to create this new service we are calling Pratt Protect™, where we protect your new backyard and your time. Allow us to handle the upkeep of your new backyard, so you can use that extra time to enjoy the backyard… daily. A Pratt Protect™ plan will ensure you that the grime that can collect in your new BBQ grill, the pollen on your countertops and stainless steel appliances or the natural checking of your Pratt Guys signature pergola is something that never existed to you.

“sign me up already!!”

Ok ok… we get it. You’ve been waiting for this! Simply chose the frequency of our visits and your level of commitment. Pricing for a Pratt Protect™ plan starts at $250 per visit and varies depending on size and complexity of your Pratt Guys backyard.


The lisT


Since each Pratt Guys backyard is unique with varying products and complexity, below is the list of all potential services included with a Pratt Protect™ plan.

Refrigeration Appliances (refrigerator, beer dispenser, ice machine)

  • Polish exterior facing stainless steel

  • Clean interior & exterior of glass

  • Wipe down interior

  • Clean out lines (Applies to beer dispenser)

Cooking Appliances (bbq grills, burners, pizza oven)

  • Polish exterior facing stainless steel

  • Cleaning grill grates and exterior knobs/buttons

  • Removing visible traces of food grime

  • Cleaning out the grease trap/drip pan

Fire Features

  • Debris removal, tidy up

  • Removal of excessive ash pile-up

Drawers, Storage & Metal Surfaces (sink, cabinetry)

  • Polish exterior stainless steel

  • Wipe down all exterior surface

  • Lubricate drawer glides/hinges

Pergola & Cabanas

  • Removing cobwebs, dust and debris

  • Light touch-up of natural checking in the wood, using the same color stain

  • Wipe down of ceiling

Hard Surfaces (countertops, fireplace)

  • Clean and wipe down, removing dust, pollen and debris


  • Clean and wipe down of frame

  • Light touch-ups/spot-cleaning on cushions

Wood Deck

  • Blow leaves, debris

  • Soapy scrub


  • Blow leaves, debris


  • Does include ceiling fans

  • Clean and wipe down, removing dust, pollen and debris

  • Replace any burnt out LED bulbs (we can swap halogen bulbs for LED for a small fee)


  • Wipe down all exterior surface, removing dust, pollen and debris

Check that all products are operating properly


A la carte Options


There are some things that only need attended to a couple times a year. That’s where the a la carte menu comes in.

  • Deep Clean of Pavers

  • Deep Clean of Grill

  • Beer Dispenser line cleaning and tank swap (Beer/CO2)

  • Ice Machine Descaler and Filter replacement

  • Don’t see something here? Just ask us, using the contact form above.