Designing Different: The Fan-Shaped Pergola

In progress photo of our new fan-shaped pergola design.

by Jack Spellman | Product Designer

The design team loves a good challenge (unless it's too early in the morning). So we were excited when a client requested a unique 6-post, fan-shaped pergola. We hadn't designed anything quite like it before. But that's what made it fun. We started with our standard pergola design and sketched out several options for transforming it into a fan shape. Once we settled on a concept, we used our 3D modeling software to build it digitally and decide exactly how we would construct our sweet new design.

Next, we used the digital model to figure out where each cut and bolt would need to go. We provided our makers with detailed plans of each piece so that they could cut out each component and assemble them on site. 

3D model of the new pergola design.

Detail of the component assembly.

Cut sheet of one of the components.

We've got the best makers in the business. They were able to take our plans and knock out the build in no time.  It was just like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Our customer had a killer new pergola, and we had great addition to our library of designs.

Cutting the components.

In progress photo of piecing the puzzle together.