Designing a Desk for Design

by Mark Ewing | Drafter

When I was around nine years old, my father showed me how to build a ramp for me and my friends to launch off with our skateboards. I didn't realize the significance at the time, but this was my first experience with turning a two-dimensional drawing into an actual three-dimensional object. Many years after building that ramp, I studied sculpture at UNF and continued to turn ideas into actual objects.

I discovered Pratt Guys at the 2014 One Spark Festival. Being a woodworker and former One Spark participant myself, I was very impressed. I found out this spring that they were looking for someone with drafting & woodworking experience to join the design team. Long story short, I joined the Pratt Guys team as a drafter and couldn't be more excited about this opportunity!

One of my first assignments here at Pratt Guys was to build a workstation for the design office. I worked with our Product Designer, Jack, to create a clean space that would showcase some of Pratt Guys carpentry and masonry strengths, as well as a place where the Pratt Guys team could collaborate and get inspired.

In between projects over the past few months, I've been out in the shop getting dusty and building our new desk. The workstation is comprised of two main elements, a large plywood top with cable storage and a solid concrete leg. We wanted the top to appear thick and solid. To achieve this, I laminated strips of plywood together using wood glue and screws to build up its thickness.  Next, Mic and Chris used ten bags of concert to pour the concrete leg to create one solid support!  After polishing and sealing the concrete, it took five of us and some serious effort to move the leg into position. After that, the rest of the install was a breeze.

This desk is awesome and was a ton of fun to build. I hope it serves as a place where the whole team can continue to develop new and interesting designs for people to get outside and #ENJOYEARTH!