Delivering Vedder Pratt: Jason's First Born

by Jason Pratt

Meet Vedder, my first born son, born August 25, 2016 in Jacksonville, FL. You've gotta hear this story any fan of music, life and especially Pearl Jam is going to love....

10:44am: They bring me back, to join my wife Ashley Pratt in the operating room, for her scheduled c-section...amongst a room full of people who all had one goal in mind and that was to safely deliver Vedder.

10:50am: One of the doctors in the room decided it was time to create a nice, calm and joyful environment so he turned on his portable bluetooth speaker and put on what is probably his go-to operating room playlist: Dave Matthews Band Radio on Pandora and the first song to play was "Funny The Way It Is".

10:57: Our beautiful son Vedder Pratt is born and Dad (me!!) is snapping away taking photos and dropping tears.

6 minutes later... I hear Eddie Vedder's voice in the room as Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" came on that bluetooth speaker. I said to my wife "Ashley...listen!! It's Pearl Jam!" (I couldn't believe this was happening!) First off I couldn't even believe they were playing music in the operating room and second of all for a Pearl Jam song to come on in the room just minutes after our son Vedder was born! I instantly thought they set up a playlist and did this for us, but they didn't even know the baby's name and when I walked over to the doc's iPhone, I noticed it was Pandora playing and took a photo of the iPhone, to continue documenting this moment!

So Vedder singing while Vedder crying...was pretty freakin' surreal.

"Let's just breathe..."