New Weather Resistant Furniture Added to Pratt Approved Products® List


by Nathan Niedel

"But does it hold up in the rain?"

That’s the #1 question we are asked here at Pratt Guys for any of our appliances, structures, or furniture.

We get it, you put so much time and energy into your day that you just want to come home and #EnjoyEarth From Your Backyard®, only to be deterred by the daily afternoon showers. The thought of leaving the furniture out in the rain shouldn’t be something that stresses you out. Your outdoor living space is meant to be enjoyed, not to be a source of constant worry!

Meet Sunset West and Peak Season, the newest lines of Pratt Guys-approved furniture products and the absolute BEST for holding up in any condition like rain, sleet, or shine. Founded in 2004 and 2009 respectively, these companies work tirelessly to create furniture and styles to perfectly accentuate your backyard design, from modern looking pools to classic outdoor kitchens!

The trick is using powder coated aluminum as a lightweight, rust-free alternative to heavier metals like steel. To top it off, these brands use Sunbrella Fabrics for their cushions, pillows, and seating. Sunbrella, originally known for creating top of the line marine canvas materials for sailboats, chose to apply the same technology to outdoor furniture. With Tenara® Sewing Thread, any Sunbrella product is guaranteed to last through all kinds of weather and provide protection against rain to prevent any mold or mildew from popping up on your furniture. One of the best parts about it is that Tenara® Sewing Thread is made in the USA!

The protection isn’t just in the frames and cushions but in the synthetic resin weave itself. Unlike many outdoor furniture manufacturers, Sunset West and Peak Season use recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Wicker rather than PVC wickers. PVC synthetics will unravel, become brittle, and crack. HDPE is a much higher grade of material that has been UV-tested and protected. Many have heard of bad experiences with synthetic resins, which is stems from the furniture being made from low-quality PVC plastic. Synthetic resin wicker is very lightweight and it’s easy to clean.

Sunset West offers a large selection of their designs, from the bold new Coronado style featuring driftwood resin wicker, to the Cardiff style with its rich, walnut color and thick weave. They also carry lighter colors for a classic look, such as the Leucadia with a light and refreshing straw colored weave (my personal favorite is the dual-colored Montecito line with the cognac finish!).

So whether you’re in your initial planning phase, or already have the backyard of your dreams, consider furniture that meets the Pratt Guys standard and swing by our showroom to learn more about these new lines and “test drive” the wide range of products we carry! We can’t wait to see you here.