Pratt Guys Gives Back Through Hunger Fight

Hunger Fight 2018, held at Florida Blue’s Deerwood Campus, on November 10, 2018

By Jason Pratt, Co-Owner at Pratt Guys

At Pratt Guys, we ask our employees to “Be a KID” at all times. This is an acronym that I came up with to quickly explain our culture of building a team of people with strong character. It stands for: Kind, Involved and Dependable and we Pratt Guys want to Be a KID at work, at home and in life. On Saturday, November 10, 2018, 6 Pratt Guys, a spouse and child came together to prepare 588 bags of brown sugar oatmeal and it felt amazing to help make this happen! We were among hundreds that came together under one roof, at Florida Blue’s Deerwood Campus to package meals, box them up and prepare them to go out to children and families around Northeast Florida. It was amazing to look around the room, seeing everyone working together as focused teams, full of smiles, for one mission and that was to pack their bags and fill boxes.

The group behind this magical moment of giving is Hunger Fight, which was founded in 2012 by Sherri Porter. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Hunger Fight is a 501(C)3 nonprofit agency that produces shelf-stable meals that are easy to prepare in boiling water. Delivered in a 4-serving family package that offers serving suggestions in both English and Spanish, the meals are great on their own or can be supplemented with meat, vegetables, chicken or fish. Enriched with up to 20 added vitamins and nutrients, these meals can provide that extra boost a child, adult or senior needs to meet their daily nutritional requirements, filling them up and increasing their focus, concentration and energy.

“To end hunger and illiteracy through the provision of nutritious meals and books to children, seniors and families in need by informing, engaging and mobilizing communities and partners.”

- Hunger Fight’s Mission Statement

The Pratt Guys team was comprised of the following, packing together 14 boxes of 42-count Brown Sugar Oatmeal:
(Listed in order of their role on the make-line)

  1. David Leggett - Grabbed bag, placed under funnel

  2. Chris Adkins - Provided measured amount of oatmeal into bag via funnel

  3. Beau Manning - Provided measured amount of oatmeal into bag via funnel

  4. Sam Jolly - Provided measured amount of brown sugar into bag via funnel

  5. Teresa Manning - Weighed bags, ensuring we hit the 8.9 ounce per bag - prepped for sealing

  6. Derek Pratt - Removing air from bags, sealing the bags

  7. Vedder Pratt - Entertainment, watching Dino Dana, occasionally handing bags to his daddy.

  8. Jason Pratt - Final quality check that bag was sealed all the way, box up 42 bags per box

I’d like to thank the Pratt Guys team of volunteers, Hunger Fight for putting this on and the huge list of other companies and organizations in town that donated money, time, equipment and space to make this meal packing event possible.

For the second year in a row, our team has had a great time at this event and look forward to many more! I’d love to encourage anyone, any business to get involved with Hunger Fight and especially their meal packing event. It truly felt great to be involved with something so big that is so impactful to our community. Get involved by visiting