If you can dream it, we can build it.



Nearly everything we need to build the perfect backyard comes from the earth. From dependable, solid wood and attractive stone masonry to the dirt and the vegetation that grows from it, we use the highest quality materials to help you #EnjoyEarth from your own backyard.



Pergolas are the perfect shade solution providing filtered sun and a beautiful focal point for your Dream Backyard. We make the best pergola in the United States from solid wood and little else thanks to our Smart Cut technology. Every project begins with hand-selected solid lumber that is inspected for straightness, crowning, cupping, and knots and splits before we cut it to our very precise specifications. We then double-notch each intersection so there’s no need for unsightly metal reinforcements to take away from the natural beauty of solid wood.

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Nothing is made to last quite like solid stone and decorative concrete blocks, which are perfect outdoor design solutions for your Dream Backyard. Pratt Guys was one of the original builders of custom Stonegate™ outdoor kitchens and we’ve applied that knowledge and ingenuity to all of our hardscaping projects. No one else is as capable of installing them like Pratt Guys.


Creating a lush, natural landscape is an integral part of any Dream Backyard. We specialize in design and construction so when it comes to flawlessly executing a landscaping project, we turn to our Pratt Guys Approved Vendor, Earth Works. Earth Works is one of the oldest landscaping operations in Jacksonville and like us, they take pride in their work and have the expertise to back it up. We work closely with Earth Works to design the perfect living touch to complement your Dream Backyard and manage the process so it blends seamlessly with our work.



The discovery and mastery of fire is what separates man from beast. There’s no wonder this mysterious and powerful element has captured our imagination since the dawn of civilization, and nothing adds drama and flare to your Dream Backyard than fire!


Fire Features

Whether you’re telling stories and roasting marshmallows around a wood-burning fire pit or snuggling in front of a gas fireplace, fire features can transform your Dream Backyard into a cozy, warm refuge when the temperatures drop. Pratt Guys are skilled at playing with fire and designing impressive features that will keep you outside long after the sun goes down.

Outdoor Kitchens

We make outdoor kitchens that make indoor kitchens jealous! Pratt Guys Outdoor Kitchens are built to last with Stonegate™ blocks and are outfitted with the latest and greatest premium grills, refrigeration, and other appliances. We back our work with The Pratt Guys Promise and use only Pratt Guys Approved Vendors that meet or exceed our rigorous criteria.



Water is the yin to fire’s yang. Where fire excites the spirit, water soothes the soul. Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of water gently babbling while relaxing in your own backyard? What better place to cool off on a hot Florida summer day than in your very own pool?


Water Features

Our skill with wood, stone and earth is unparalleled but when it comes to the complexity of sustainable fresh water micro-ecosystems, we put our trust in Pratt Guys Approved Earth Works to handle all our aquascaping projects. Using their skill and expertise we can design and manage the installation of ponds, waterfalls, brooks and more that will bring balance and tranquility to your Dream Backyard.


At Pratt Guys we’ve taken the fuss out of adding a pool to your project by providing you with a one-stop shop for building your Dream Backyard. We’ve done the dirty work of vetting the best of the best in pool building and are fully equipped to manage the construction process for you. There’s no need to hire multiple designers and contractors, we’ve got you covered.