Making Indoor Kitchens Jealous, since 2004.



Here in the Sunshine State there’s no reason not to cook outside all year long and a Pratt Guys kitchen is the perfect place to prepare your next family meal or backyard BBQ. Why waste your time inside over the stove making a mess when you could be outside, soaking up the Florida sun and appreciating the company of friends and family?

Fully Functional

A Pratt Guys Outdoor Kitchen takes all the modern convenience of your indoor kitchen outside. More than just a grill on a cart, we can make your new outdoor kitchen capable of everything you can do inside. From gas ranges to refrigeration to kegerators and dry storage, we’ve got everything you need to prepare and cook your meals outside you can #EnjoyEarth longer. Don’t be surprised if you start cooking every meal in your backyard!


Premium Appliances

There are all kinds of options out there when it comes to outdoor kitchen appliances but Pratt Guys chooses only the best to install in our projects. All our grills, fridges, sinks and more are Pratt Guys Approved and most are made right here in America. We’ve done the research to find and select brands with stellar reviews and solid customer service that meets or exceeds our own. We establish a personal relationship with all our vendors so that we may be confident in backing their products the way we back our work. If you ever have a problem, there’s no need to contact the manufacturer. Just let us know and our service team will take care of everything!

We Got Grills

The grill is the workhorse of the outdoor kitchen and a reflection of the outdoor cook who wields it. As such, we approach pairing you with the right one with the same gravity and intent as a knight choosing his sword. Be you novice, enthusiast or award-winning grillmaster; whether your fuel of choice be gas, charcoal, wood pellet, or smoke; we’ve got the perfect grill for you. We don’t just use anything off the shelf, only premium grills like Delta Heat and The Big Green Egg that come with easily replaceable parts and meet or exceed our Pratt Guys Approved criteria. Most of the grills we carry are made in America and built to last for 20-30 years or more.

Built to Last

Once we’ve outfitted your Dream Backyard with an outdoor kitchen, you’ll find yourself looking for any excuse to invite your friends and family over for dinner. With a Pratt Guys outdoor kitchen, you can count on it to last for years. Most “custom” outdoor kitchens are no more than galvanized steel frames covered with facades made of stucco, tile, or other finishes. Ours, however are custom cut from Stonegate™ blocks so they’re solid as a rock ­literally! Every outdoor kitchen we build is backed by the Pratt Guys Promise so you can rest assured it will last a lifetime.