Why Pergolas?

There’s no better way to #EnjoyEarth from your own backyard than from underneath a custom-built pergola. Pergolas provide filtered sun, the perfect blend of light and shade, and a rigid structure that is customizable to your exact needs. Pergolas are an essential part of every Florida backyard and here at Pratt Guys, we make the best in the USA!


Outside the Box

Many companies are in the business of selling and installing pergolas from prefabricated kits, but not Pratt Guys. Our pergolas don’t come from a box, they are custom designed for your backyard to meet your exact needs. We start with hand-selected cedar and cut each piece to spec in our shop according to our rigorous quality control standards.

Smarter Cuts

Other pergolas rely on cheap, unsightly metal hurricane ties to hold them in place. Here at Pratt Guys, we take a traditional approach, choosing instead to double notch every intersection so your pergola is held together by solid wood and good old fashioned Pratt engineering. Our method not only looks better, it ensures the structure’s integrity so you’ll be able to #EnjoyEarth for many years to come.

Custom Options

There is no single pergola for every backyard. We can create the perfect pergola for you with a number of custom options, including:

  • Low voltage VOLT® LED lighting
  • Quiet and efficient Minka-Aire® fans
  • Upgraded wood options
  • Recessed electrical outlets and switches
  • Low profile retractable shade screens
  • Swings and hammocks



Pratt Guys pergolas come in all shapes and sizes. From a traditional open top to our new gabled cabana-style pergola, we are ready and willing to custom design the perfect pergola for your backyard!



Who wants to spend time outside, just to feel like you’re inside? A traditional open top pergola keeps things open and breezy, giving you the perfect amount of filtered sun and a unique shade pattern for maximum outdoor comfort.


Call it a cabana if you must, just don’t call it late for dinner! Our newest pergola design protects you from all the elements so a little rain doesn’t spoil your afternoon outside. Pratt Guys offers shingle roof construction that matches the existing roof of your home. Corrugated roof options are also available in opaque aluminum for extra shade or clear polycarbonate so you can still enjoy the sunlight.



It's been said that two is better than one, and in the case of our 2-tier pergola, we have to agree. Designed and constructed for maximum sturdiness, the 2-tier pergola is the ultimate backyard showpiece.


Now here's a style that hits close to home! Whether your backyard has limited space, or you're just looking for a creative approach to filtered sun, an attached pergola installation is an awesome addition to any backyard.