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Parry Pools is now Pratt Pools!

There's no better way to beat the heat and keep cool than jumping in to a Pratt Guys pool! Just like our dream backyards and outdoor kitchens, every pool we build is backed by The Pratt Promise. We don't just dip a toe in, we dive headfirst into your project to build you the highest quality residential or commercial pool around!




A pool is only one part of the perfect backyard experience. At Pratt Guys, we’re all about the big picture, combining creative pool construction and design with functional outdoor kitchens, relaxing cabanas, shady pergolas, and natural landscaping that work together in perfect harmony.

We'll work with you every step of the way to turn your dream pool from a mirage to a beautiful backyard oasis. Our design team is one of the most creative in the industry and we'll utilize every resource at our disposal to put together a plan that works with your goals and budget.We don’t outsource anything to outside contractors because we believe in the value of going in and building something beautiful ourselves!



Pratt Guys are able to turn any commercial space into a tropical paradise using cutting edge technology, thoughtful design, and hard work! Unlike other swimming pool contractors, our team can also transform your outdated commercial pool into a modern oasis. From hotel pools to fitness centers, our commercial Florida pools are built to be enjoyed for years to come!



Now you can truly have it all by complementing your dream backyard with a Pratt Guys Pool. We are bringing the same level of expertise and attention to detail of our backyard designs and applying it to custom pool design and construction. Your ULTIMATE dream backyard is now completely within your reach.

Additionally, we are active members of the Florida Swimming Pool Association, abiding by their rigorous Code of Ethics.

  • Unmatched Quality
    Our number one commitment is to the quality of our work.
  • Imaginative Design
    Our design team is the most creative in the industry.
  • Seamless Experience
    Say goodbye to managing multiple contractors. We do it all.
  • Phaseable Management
    We help create a plan that works with your goals and budget.

The Pool of Your Dreams


What better way is there to #EnjoyEarth than with a refreshing dip at the end of a hot day. Pratt Pools are completely customizable, allowing you to finally truly see your dream backyard become a reality.


Escape to Luxury

natural rock grotto.jpg

Experience the tranquility of a custom grotto as you relax under a peaceful waterfall. Natural rock water features bring a sense of mystery and wonder to your pool, providing the perfect escape right in your own backyard.

Swim Up to the Bar

Swim Up Bar.jpg

Thirsty? Don’t get out of the pool, let the bar come to you! We’re big fans of anything that helps you get the most out of your backyard experience, especially when cold drinks are involved. Cheers, you earned this.

To Infinity and Beyond

infinity spa.jpg

Infinity pools incorporate vanishing edge design to blend seamlessly with their environment and create a truly spectacular illusion. Imagine disappearing into the horizon in a pool that seems to go on forever…


Beach Entry

beach entry and island copy.jpg

Don’t stop the music. By integrating the latest waterproof speaker technology into your existing outdoor sound system, we can create a seamless audio experience above and below water. Party on!

An Island in the Sun

vanishing edge.jpg

Why sit around the pool when you can lounge by the fire on your own private island inside it? Accessible by a custom bridge or swim-up design, an island in your pool transforms it into a unique oasis.

Use Your Imagination

use your imagination.jpg

Nothing gets us more excited than designing new and creative ways to make your pool and your backyard as a whole as unique and enjoyable as possible. The only limit is your imagination. Dream big!


Ready to make a splash?